Friday, July 09, 2004 | Author: Dav
Well I was just working on Game Maker 5 and I had this clone of a shooter called 1945 (arcade game, planes etc etc) I'm currently working on. I've got a few people to look at it, but since its a clone, and its built on a pre-defined engine, its not much to look at yet. Gib said its just too hard, since in the later levels (well there are no levels yet, just one level) the enemy planes start to swarm you under. But its sill fun. Ales here thinks that games suck, and he doesn't need them. GASP! HORROR!. Well anyone and everyone that plays games, pop in to his blog and leave a comment!

Dav out
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On 10:33 pm , Anonymous said...

Well tell Ales to go boil an egg! Games are and will always be fun!
Anyways just wanted to leave a small greeting aand i got to insult someone :D
Take Care

On 10:45 pm , Davin said...

Hahahah yeah I'll tell Ales that man, when I see him. Take care dude

On 8:06 am , AlesS said...

Oi, you just go and have fun playing games, don't mind my superior intellect having fun nibbling on challenges you can't reach with a keyboard. :>

On 2:33 pm , Davin said...

Ok ok we'll go play games now :)

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