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Tuesday, July 20, 2004 | Author: Dav
Well I took a day off with Azzy on Monday and we went to the movies, basicly we watched Spiderman 2 and Arthur in a row (well there was a 10 minute break in between).
Both movies rocked and I already have a few movies I really want to see, like I,Robot and Aliens vs Pred and yeah ok enough about that.
My take on Spiderman 2:
Overall, it rocked, really. It showed P.Parker as a human, not as Spiderman, and that as a human he could be hurt and stuff. OK yeha whatever that shit is cool and all but I felt that the CGI could have been better, since some shots of Spiderman looked out of place in the movie, like you could still see it was computer graphics. Oh well, cant have em all can we?
Next were a few smaller issues, but I guess I'll just gloss over them, like that mini sun in the river but no steam or heat showing. Blah. :)
My take on Arthur:
Overall, it rocked (heheheh). Well it did. But I would have liked it if it had just a tad more blood, like Gladiator. The pace was good, and there were some sappy bits in there, but I liked it alot. A big move from the 'standard' King Arthur fare. No magic at ALL. Kind of cool.
Ok ok before I get hate mail and stuff, these are just stuff I thought off when I watched both movies. Again, as I mentioned, both movies were really really cool.
Watch them, and enjoy.
Dav out
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On 11:39 am , *Alouqua* said...

Hey! =0) I'm sooooooo glad to hear you FINALLY took a day off and spent it with Azzy at that! *hugs* Got my letter yet?!

On 3:54 pm , Anonymous said...

Dude Spiderman 2 was hella sweet :) I highly recommend I Robot I saw it saturday night. I'm not sure about this wanting to see Aliens vs just smells of Hollywood being out of ideas :)

I'm glad you finally weren't working for a change. You need to do that more often...and drink a lot more!


On 6:07 pm , AlesS said...

Hear, hear! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.Otherwise, Spiderman is not the kind of movies I like. I might go see Arthur, but I can't wait for some good horror Sci-Fi, my favourite! Holywood being out of ideas or not, there's a lack of such movies lately. Hopefully Alien Vs. Predator shall satisfy my need for adrenaline. ;)

On 12:34 am , Anonymous said...

I am not really anonymous -- I just didn't bother registering and all that crap. A friend of mine does movie reviews for a newspaper and she did not like Arthur too much. She said there really wasn't a "story" to it. I think that Guinevere's "leather-strap" battle outfit was downright stupid, as who intheir right mind would go into battle exposing all that flesh? To me, when a movie tries to attract the viewer by undressing the female lead, it must be trying to compensate for a lack of the elements that make a GOOD movie! But I guess guys liked it! Oh hey, did the MEN in the movie wear little leather thongs into battle? Thought not!

On 12:35 am , Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to identify myself. This is deadgirl1.

On 9:23 am , Davin said...

As I said Deadgirl, I felt that the movie was ok if you wanted to watch something based on the Arthur myth/story. And yeah, that bit with the leather straps over her breast were stupid, looked like they hurt too. Its COLD in Britan, who would put that on. Pointy nipples :)


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