Monday, October 13, 2003 | Author: Dav
Woo hair cut rocks. Too bad I havent gotten that extra cash yet, so I dont yet have that digital camera with me. But its cool, you guys dont want to know about my hair cut anyway right?

I've received some questions on my work time table and stuff like why dont I ever go to bed like a normal person, based on the time stamp on my blogs. Well for your information, the blog server is in the USA. I'm not. The blogger software has an option to set server time and date, but why bother? Because of that one little oversight, I've received more feedback then usual. So I am leaving it at that.


New project: As you know I am replaying Dungeon Seige. I am now taking screenshots, and then I will try to write a short story revolving around those images. Cool? Yes I think so too.


Dav out

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