Friday, October 03, 2003 | Author: Dav Nokia 8250 is dead. Well the vibrator is dead anyway. And before anyone gets any smart ideas, no, i did not use it in any other way other then to let me know (silently) that there was in incomming call/msg. yeha that's it. Going to send it in to the shop later after work, then swing by to pick up a cake for bro, its his birthday.

So Happy Birthday. There i said it, now give my game cd's back you evil evil man!


On a lighter note, the place where i sometimes have my lunch (not to be named.... unless i feel like it) does not seem to serve a good local noodle dish. Yeah... i sometimes eat noodles, and this type (called 'Mi Rebus') sort of didnt make the grade.

Too bad

Dav out

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