Saturday, October 11, 2003 | Author: Dav
Ok here’s the deal. I don’t usually rant about the crappy stuff that happens to me, and I don’t usually name names (people and companies) in this Blog. Also, I rarely curse, because you never know how young these fans of my blog can be. (um.. yeha right!)

But we went out for dinner the other day, to a local restaurant (local, cheap, asian-type restaurant), and I shall now list down the suckieness of the above mentioned restaurant:

• When we got there, there were some free tables, but they were not cleared. We hung around hoping some of the staff would clean up, but that only happened when we pestered some of the staff. Most of the staff were hanging around looking busy, maybe looking for lint in their pockets. Sure is hard work that lint hunting.

• 3 of the chairs we sat on were a little off, and one had a broken back rest, making it difficult to lean back. We asked for a change of chairs, they never came and we asked the next table politely if they needed the extra chairs on that table, and took them in replacement.

• Once seated, we noticed the fans were a little slow, and the 3 large air conditioners were not working. We called over the waiter and told him about it, but got back a reply that went something like this, “I is not know this thing, is air conditioners not my work, boss will see, yes,” and with that he promptly walked away. Good English? Yes, very! Were we pissed off? Yes, very!

• It was at this point I uttered my first cuss of the day. Don’t worry, more cursing to come.

• After waiting for 10 minutes, we got a waiter to take our ordered. He was NOT a local and we had to keep having to tell him over and over what we wanted to eat. Somehow, he kept insisting we all order the same dinner menu, maybe it was the only thing he could spell… I’m not sure about that.

• Our food and drinks came, and lo and behold, 3 fresh juices came along. We looked at the juices, and then looked at the waiter that placed them on our table. As we were about to tell him that he had the order wrong, he ran away. We had only ordered ONE (1) fresh orange juice, and here was another extra on our table. We waved like crazy, and got the waiter to come back. What ensured after that, was stupid. So stupid, that I don’t even feel like retelling that, lest my gastric acts up again. It is suffice to say that it took us 10 minutes to iron that issue up, with me saying fuck over and over again. (told you there was more cussing to come)

• After all of the above our food came (late at that) we ate quickly, and left. I was tempted to do something childish, like pour some ketchup over the tables or maybe even rip the base of a paper cup out 98% of the way, then pour in ketchup. The idea here is that when the waiter comes over to clean up the table, he will have to lift up the paper cup, and as he does that, the bottom gives way and ketchup splatters all over. But I did not. I was seething in rage, I was pissed off and my gastric was acting up.

So what did I do? I came home, got Word up, and typed this out. When I have the time, I’ll add it to my blog.

Now comes the part that I have been thinking off all day. I have been deliberating if it was ethical for me to name the above restaurant, and I have come to a conculusion that it is my civic duty to let the people out there know about that place (my friends and I know of the place, but my family somehow insisted on going there, so its not all my fault). So here it goes:

Sharizma’s Curry House – YOU SUCK!
ӨӨӨӨӨ out of ӨӨӨӨӨ suck stars

Dav out
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