Tuesday, January 08, 2013 | Author: Dav

I've taken a look back at blogging and the Bloggosphere (there! I said it!), and for me, I started tapering off blogging right about the time when work swamped me to death (I'd say mid of 2012) and when Blogspot / Blogger / Google changed the blog posting page. Yeah you could do a little more, but something about posting now was a little different, a little.... clinical.

Though don't get me wrong, I love writing.

I've seen a move for more commercial blogs in the past year (and by that I mean 2011 - 2012) and people throttling back on personal / private blogs. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

I've got mobile devices with blog apps, so lets see where and how 2013 turns out.

Dav out

I know
Caught up in the middle
I cry just a little
When I think of letting go
Oh no
Gave up on the riddle
I cry just a little
When I think of letting go
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