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Tuesday, September 20, 2011 | Author: Dav


Its a huge pet peeve for me, that in this time and age, we're still using pieces of glass and silver paint in vehicles that can cost up to $1 million. I'm talking about rear-view and wing mirrors.

Imagine that! We're placing our lives and very expensive automobiles in the hands of glass, that costs maybe say $5 (just the glass, the case etc might cost you more). The automotive industry has improved by leaps and bounds since the first Ford T, but we cant seem to get away from rear-view and wing mirrors.

If you sneezed just right I'll shatter

Its 2011! We should have like, laser rangefinders with video cameras and FLIR built into them!
Pictured - FLIR. Not pictured - deer he just ran over

I can see the issues related to having a bunch of video screens or cameras built into your car and dash, but they cant be any more distracting then having to look at 3 separate pieces of glass. With the technology available, we're able to build in proximity detectors, distance (rangefinder) measurements (great for parallel parking) and, if you're feeling really high tech, an Idiot Detector 7000™. Just maybe.

Me? On top of getting rid of those silly wing mirrors (how many times has someone smashed yours off?), I'd want to mount a machine gun on my car. Just for those special moments when you have someone cut you off or jump queue. Would be perfect.
What? Too much?

So yeah.

Maybe its just me.

Dav out

Hey, if we can't solve any problems
Then why do we lose so many tears?
Oh, so you go again
When the leading man appears
Always the same theme
Can't you see
We've got ev'rything going on and on and on 

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