Your search for Koi is over
Tuesday, July 21, 2009 | Author: Dav

I lost some code when I updated the photo blog's template, so I've had to add the Google Analytics code back to the blog. Today when I fire up Analytics, its working fine, but I've only had one hit for it. Looking at the search page and term, seems like someone was looking for "amazing koi".

I couldn't help myself but to Google the term "amazing koi" myself, and wow, up comes the photo blog at ranking # 1. Sweet monkeys on a stick!.

That's enough to drive traffic over and soon, on to ruling the Interwebs!

[insert maniacal laughter here]

Dav out
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On 9:43 pm , Calle said...

I'll tell all my friends to google "amazing koi".

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