Saturday, July 25, 2009 | Author: Dav

A good friend of mine is moving in to his new condo apartment, so I thought I'll get him a nice housewarming gift. He had no beer glasses / mugs, and IKEA does some really nice ones, so off I went to IKEA, beer glasses in mind.

Half way there, a cousin calls me up, fair enough, lets have a beer while I'm at it eh?

I get to IKEA, 20 minutes to spare, and I get myself a trolley, because everyone knows those plastic sacks IKEA offers as a carry bag is a trick for you to drop your glass ware and pay for it.

Found these cool looking glasses, at a great bargain.

I see something else that catches my eye (ohhh shiny!) and I leave my trolley for ONE MINUTE. I get back, start to push the trolley through the maze that is IKEA. Honestly, the guys that designed the shop floor are geniuses. You are FORCED to go through every area of the store before you can get to the checkout. Took me about 10 minutes just to navigate through. Just as I'm about to reach the check out counter, I look into my trolley to make sure the glasses are ok.

But oh NOES readers! ITS NOT MY TROLLEY! 2 pillows, a wok, and some plates. I've been foiled! Somehow or another, I picked up someone else' trolley by mistake.

Long story short, I had to rush back to get the glasses, this time I hugged them to my chest and ran through to the check out counter.

Of course, after that, I needed a beer. German beer restaurant to the rescue!

The Bavarian Bierhaus made a good stop over and the beer always tastes great.

Washed down a farmer's Schnitzel, perfection on a plate. And in a glass!

Dav out
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On 10:57 pm , sher.lina.z said...

someone else's trolley?
AHAHAHAHHAHAHA i can just imagine it now.
god you're lame :P

(and i'm not just saying that because we're unfortunately related)

On 11:25 pm , Dav said...

Har har
At least I know where IKEA IS!


On 2:45 pm , bier-boy-boy said...

Gotta visit that restaurant/bar sooner or later :)

On 3:06 pm , Dav said...

Sooner, else later its not there anymore

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