Tuesday, February 06, 2007 | Author: Dav

Just an update for Hurk who's the only one monitoring my PC status (home PC). Due to a power outage and short, the store has called me up and told me that the items below are shot:

list of stuff that's dead:
1. processor p4 HT
2. Mobo
3. PSU
4. RAM
5. Video graphics card 128mb

:( I'm now left with a black box, 3 dvd drives and a HDD (maybe)


Dav out
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On 2:48 pm , Hurk said...

It sucks dude, but at least the HDD is alright!! So you didn't loose any information

On 7:51 pm , Ashiq said...

Damn those power surges. And damn those stabilizers that fail to do what their supposed to. Burned my Motherboard and ram out like that twice. Can you sue the makers of the stabilizers?

On 12:00 am , Davin said...

Man I wish I could. Cant though :(

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