Movie review - Blood and chocolate
Sunday, January 28, 2007 | Author: Dav

Well I caught the movie 'Blood and Chocolate' and I'd first like to say, wth, cant they come up with something that makes sense for a movie's title?

Now on to the movie!

It was ok, but you get the feel that the movie wasn't sure what genre it was, and got confused half way. Was it a horror movie? An action movie, or even a love interest?

Not a bad movie, but mostly fluff.

Dav out

PS: Dont flame me, its how i felt the movie was!
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On 11:56 pm , Ashiq said...

Davin, 4get choco & blood. Drop by on the 4th. We'll go see Casino Royale man. The tickets are on me . . . .I meant the movie tickets ;)

On 3:48 am , Hurk said...

I have never heard anything about that movie. Is it a big movie like worldwide with cool Hollywood stars?
Have you seen the movie Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. That must be a cool movie I think.

On 9:40 am , Davin said...

That Blood & chocolate was an ok movie, but there wasn't any real big Hollywood stars in it. Never heard of the movie Perfume though, is it any good?

I want to watch Casino Royale damnit

On 2:38 pm , Ashiq said...

Hurk it's the new James Bond flick. If you guys wanna go then I'll have to cut the tickets tomorrow.

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