Spawn of Satan!
Monday, April 18, 2005 | Author: Dav

I'm sure you've looked at the topic and wondered, what/who actually is the spawn of Satan?

Well, come closer my friends, and I shall tell you.
*gets comfy*
The source of all evil (at least in MY life at the moment) is actually my gaming PC and broadband Internet. For now at least, the modem doesnt work at all via the Dlink router I have, so its just my computer thats hooked up to the net (and not, say, brother's). Its kept me up.
The internet.
PC Gaming.

Its kept me up so long! Its slowly draining my SOUL!.


Dav out
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On 8:35 pm , AlesS said...

Good thing I grew weary of computer games early in my life. Otherwise I'd be a contributor in the drainage of your soul. ;)
Next thing you'll write will be about you spending days with on-line games, improving your characters until they're worth $$$ on e-bay. I'll even predict that in 5 years your job will be just that, out in the street living in a cardboard box with its own internet connection and with on-line gaming earning ca$h for your addictions. :>

On 8:49 pm , Davin said...

Oh my you're very jaded arent you! :)

On 8:14 pm , Ashiq said...

Um . . . .Dav I'd like to . . . .date your PC :)

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