Gaming onwards! HL2 and Republic Commando
Tuesday, April 19, 2005 | Author: Dav

Well I finished Half Life 2 (HL2). Its the second game I'm finishing on my new gaming PC, (House of the Dead 3 doesnt count!), aside from Star Wars: Republic Commando (SW:RC). Now SW:RC was just ok, I found the controls a little too twitchy and the mouse aiming tended to be a little off, more so when you're in a firefight. I'm not too sure why, it could just be that I have the mouse sensetivity a little too high for SW:RC.

Oddly enough, I feel HL2 out did HL in every way. I'm not just commenting on the graphics (see below for a few random screenshots, sorry I just found the F5 key late in the game). The design of the game, the puzzles (this time around, there was not ONE level where I felt like I had to cheat to finish a level/kill an end level boss)

That I think is the best feature of the game. Well its late, more later!

Dav out
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On 10:48 am , Kman said...

Hey, where is my kung fu DVD?
And also the Republic Commando that u promised!

On 8:10 pm , Ashiq said...

alright so you have a bad@$$ mo-fo of a computer running the bestest games. Are you trying to make me feel bad? :(

On 12:12 am , Davin said...

Why.... yes, yes I am.

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