Xmasy Cards
Thursday, December 09, 2004 | Author: Dav
As I sit here, trying to recover from the load of evil work I've had this past month, Gibzon tells me he's received his Christmas card, a card I posted 3 weeks in advance since I wanted it to get to him before Christmas. I'm really happy he got it.

Just in case YOU get a card from me, just take a picture with the card, and email it over to me ;)

Dav out
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On 4:37 pm , Anonymous said...

Yeah! Be sure to take hot pics with Dav's card now! And you girls can send the pics directly to Gibzon, just ask Dav for the e-mail adress!

Thanks in advance!
Happy christmas and a merry new year


On 4:39 pm , Davin said...

Yes yes, and gib's address is davin_x@yahoo.com

Dont worry, he checks his email everyday!

On 4:41 pm , Anonymous said...

Yeah! I do, I really do. I'm looking forward to see you nice girls posing with Dav's card. /Gib

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