Boire du vin - Wine drinking
Friday, April 22, 2011 | Author: Dav

Wine drinking, or "Boire du vin" in French! Part two of the last post on buying wine in bulk.

So the first wine bottle I bought was something I tasted, twice in fact!

Hey, it was free, and there wasn't anyone there, ok?

Its a Grand Sud Merlot (2009) produced by Grands Chais de France (red - Merlot, duh). I've not had all that many French wines lately, as its been Chillien or Aussie wines for a long time during dinners, and I must say, I was very, very impressed with this wine.

I'm going to try my best to explain the wine in my own words, pardon the wine-lingo.

The wine was dark red, close to purple, but I could not really say much more (legs etc) as it was served in a small sample cup. I found the wine sweet (but not cloyingly so) and in terms of taste, it was a medium body wine that stayed in the mouth for a while. The after taste would linger (but not for long, perhaps medium?) and over all it was fruity to me. Did I mention that it was sweet? I think (after the second go) it was a dry wine. Hey, I've not opened my bottle, so until I do so, we're sticking with dry!

I think the bottle looks pretty much what a wine bottle should look like, label is clear, though figuring out who makes the wine took a little work and unlike Aussie wines, there wasn't really a logo or an image on it.

Also, its a corked bottle. I'm pretty 50/50 on bottles with cork's or caps, though cap's make it much easier to just pick a bottle up and open. *shrug* The cork industry in Portugal needs the work I guess.

1 bottle down, 3 to go!

Dav out

Oh, it's the best thing that you've ever had
The best thing that you've ever, ever had
It's the best thing that you've ever had
The best thing you've had has gone away
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On 4:54 pm , AlesS said...

You should try terrano, or if you can't find it, refosco. They're basically from the same vine, only grown in different soil. It's a "heavy" wine, thick very dark red, so you don't want to spill it over your clothes as you won't get it. I find it it goes wonderful with prosciutto, and with dishes heavy in meat and oil/lard in general.

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