Windowz Live 2011
Wednesday, February 23, 2011 | Author: Dav

Microsoft has found yet another way to annoy me! Now, with Windows Live Messenger 2011 (or the Windows Live suit) you not only get an updated version of MSN Messenger, but its now more tightly integrated with all sorts of services that you never wanted.

First major issue, advertising. Windows Live Messenger sees fit to inject an advertisement right smack on your chat box, taking up space and distracting you till you KILL it with a click of the (x) button. Problem is, that sucker comes right on back if you close the chat window (which I do, REGULARLY!).

Hello, I'm here to bother you till you curl up in a cave and die

So I Googled around and it seemed for a while that you could only get rid of the advertising by either downloading a 3rd party patch or haxing your b0x (editing some registry so your machine doesn't 'see' the advertising URL / feed).

But you can breathe a sigh of relief, because apparently this site details exactly how you can disable said advertising without any patches and registry edits (its actually a checkbox within Live).

All your base are belong to us, and we can switch off adverts too now

Other issues are mainly how you're not really able to just save your email login info without your password (its now email AND password together) which makes it harder to stop someone from logging into your account if you leave your machine without locking it. Oh and the Social integration. Why? Why do I want to go down that slippery road?


Dav out
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