Such a thing as too much of news
Friday, February 11, 2011 | Author: Dav

I had an extended weekend due to a string of holidays, and exhausting my game library (I finished KillZone 2!), I thought I'd try watching some news on either CNN or BBC. What with all the stuff going on in Egypt and the rest of the world, I was a little worried that I was becoming a hermit. Or that something you find under an upturned rotting log.

I digress.

So I switch on to CNN and I see this:

  • Kate Middleton's Royal-Blue Dress Sold Out
  • Blue Dresses - Kate Middleton's style
  • Stylish blue dress picked by Kate
  • Kate's Fashion Sense - Blue is the new Black!
  • Issa London dress the princess-to-be
  • Issa London cuts Kate Middleton a figure
  • Issa London's blue dress sold out thanks to Kate Middleton
  • Blue dress by Issa London - Sold out royally
  • Royal dress sold out
  • Egypt's Mubarak refuses to quit protestors

Guess we know where our priorities lie.

Dav out
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