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Friday, August 11, 2006 | Author: Dav

This is what we talk about because we're -=SSOF=-

-=SSOF=-Dorphac: didnt load a window when i clicked it
-=SSOF=-Dorphac: gotta do it manually
davinx: http://www.thiagi.com/email-consulting101-tips.html
davinx: does for me
-=SSOF=-Dorphac: oh it was teh <>
davinx: lawls
-=SSOF=-Dorphac: so you abide by these tips?>
davinx: hell no
davinx: i always try to do the direct opposite
davinx: to piss clients off
-=SSOF=-Dorphac: lol the numbering is not in order
davinx: yeah
davinx: cause they have a diffrent list
-=SSOF=-Dorphac: shouldnt tip 1 be the most important?
davinx: where you add the tips
davinx: and thats in running number order
-=SSOF=-Dorphac: they should have a top10
davinx: then they take the tips, and put them in the catagories
davinx: they should
davinx: but because they are consultants, they cant agree on which are the top 10 tips :D
-=SSOF=-Dorphac: and number one should have something to do with kissing ass
davinx: sounds about right

Dav out
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