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Sunday, December 25, 2005 | Author: Dav

Well I went out and picked up some games for the holidays (all 3 days of them) and I was mainly looking for something new to play, besides America's Army(AA) that was getting a tad 'dry'. Also, I'm downloading, lets call it 'stuff' and I cant download and play AA online at the same time. So offline games it is. I picked up Battlefield 2 (BF2), Project : Snowblind (P:Sd) and Call Of Duty 2 (Cod 2)

Now downt get me wrong, I didnt just go to the store and pick stuff out at random, ohhhh no. I went online, and spent like 20 minutes looking around for fun games (this list were mainly FPS's, but hey, its fun.

Here's a breakdown on how much I liked (or disliked) the 3 games.

Battlefield 2
This game is slick. I've never played BF 1942, but I bet that game was slick too. The problem was, there's nothing really there for the single person maps (I knew the game was more of an Online thing, but I was hoping for something more, like Star Wars Battlegrounds, where there are small storylines joining each level map together. Not very happy with this :(

- Its a FPS.
- Clean, clear and crisp graphics.

- No real single player game here
- Seems a little lost joining the single player maps together.
- Its JUST a FPS.

Project: Snowblind
MAN was I wrong on this one. I surfed on to the game webpage, and I thought to myself "Woah, this game looks sweet. LOADS of weapons!" I dont like the cluttred way the inventory is managed, I find myself tossing sheilds and stuff instead of frag gernades and its a general pain. Next would be the light washed out feel to the graphics. I keep thinking of Republic Commando and its bright and crisp graphics, and this doesnt hold a candle to the game. Of course there's nice rain effects, good shrapnel effects and stuff, but its controls and the general game wasnt all that tight. Thats right, I said TIGHT.

- Plenty of stuff to blow up and kill
- Loads of guns and weapons and stuff (YAY stuff)
- Some interaction with objects and stuff that keeps it from JUST being a FPS.

- Clunky interface and messy inventory.
- Loads of guns and weapons and stuff (NO yay stuff!)
- Messy way of hunting for a 'save room' to save the game.
- Enemy not clearly defined, and in the washed out graphics, you never can tell where they are.

Call Of Duty 2
I've played it for 4 hours straight and I didnt want to stop (but I had to, damn DINNER!). Its smooth, slick, and well presented. The graphics are nice, the audio is amazing, the effects are sweet.
The controls are tight (yeah I said it again)
I am very very pleased with this game, and the amazing part is that the game takes care of the saves as I progress along the game, and I dont even need to blink.



Dav out
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On 3:38 am , Ashiq said...

Merry Christmas Davin :)

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