Wednesday, September 14, 2005 | Author: Dav

Feeling a tad burnt out, and thanks to Tanda, I've come across this crazy site, and the image here shows what happens when you've had a bit too much work.

IT Manager Man

Dav out

Edit: I think the $ sign is a nice touch, dont you think?
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On 7:58 pm , jomama said...

Looks like a Superman sign to me. But I like the $ sign better.

On 8:56 pm , Davin said...

Well the IT Manager Man needs his '$' !

On 3:17 pm , Tanda said...

That's so cool! Glad you liked the site. :)

On 4:54 pm , Davin said...

Of course I liked the site you silly TandaBat. Thanks again!

On 2:18 pm , Ashiq said...

Where's ur Mustache man? By the way u look good in a suit.

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