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Friday, September 09, 2005 | Author: Dav

Sorry for not posting much (to all 2 people that read this blog anyway) but work has kept me away.


I wake up today and get ready for work, and I notice that my bike has a puncture on the front tyre. So I guess I'm taking dad's bike to work. A few words about dad's bike. Its the basic bike, sort of like mine (its a cup bike, nothing fancy) but the right rear view mirror is cracked, and its cracked so that the mirror is sliglty curved, making the fragments show objects 50% larger then they are. Dad doesnt have a left rear view mirror. SO I cant quite make out objects on my 5 o'clock, and I cant see anything on my 7 o'clock. Much fun. I'm so used to looking at these mirrors that I can barely ride the bike to work, and at one point I was thinking that this ride sure was Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo-ed up.

His brakes stick, and he doesnt have a gear LED indicator. Why, in god's name is this bike not in the junkyard? I'll have a word with dad as soon as he gets back from the UK next week.

Dav out
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