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Tuesday, August 16, 2005 | Author: Dav

Well I got tired of the weird spam that starts out looking like a real comment then launches off trying to sell you a time share condo in some god forsaken place, so as of now, the blog comments is for registered users only (not like its going to affect anything, I dont get many comments anyway)

Next updates would be a pic of my room with the new bed (and a funky bed cover mom gave me) as well as a shot of me with my new short haircut :D

Dav out
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On 9:47 am , Veronica Keller said...

I understand about the SPAM!!!!

(grumpy face) I made it no comments what so ever on my blog.

The spammers got clever and made thier own blogs about canned meat and the hypnotherapy tapes they sell. :P

Thank you for taking notice of my slice of blog pie. (rubs belly)

I am just now reading your blog to see what box to stuff you in : ) (meep meep)


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