GTA: S. Andreas
Monday, July 25, 2005 | Author: Dav

By now I'm sure all of you online already know the issue of GTA S.Andreas and its publisher Rockstar/Take Two. If you DONT know about, then you're a hermit, or just not into games *bah to both!*
Well just to fill you in (for those in the other catagory) GTA:S.A had some code in it that would render the game almost into a porn (or pr0n) sim, but the developers chose to take it out because (I'm guessing here) they wanted a better rating instead of AO (Adults Only) which would allow them to market it to more people.

My take on this is, its a game. So what if its R rated at the moment, kids are still going to get their hands on it. Over here, the rating system on games dont meen squat. I had a cousin that was like 12 and he had GTA:Vice City for the PS2, and I felt like I had to inform his mother about it. Its amazing the words "This game lets you pick up prostitu..." and she's off to grab the CD and toss it out.


I am so helpfull sometimes. So, back to GTA:S.Andreas, as now its come to light that someone out there has gained access to the blocked out scenes and its called the 'Hot Coffee' mod, and it allows you to play the 'mini game' having some 'hot coffee' *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

My say is, its a game, kids are going to get their hands on it, modders are going to work on it, so there isnt anything you CAN do about it (I hear the local govt here wants to ban it, good luck trying!)

GTA: S.Andreas

Dav out!
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