War on the Fruition of Ignorance
Monday, May 09, 2005 | Author: Dav
Yes you've heard me right, I said "War on the Fruition of Ignorance", and you can read more about said war here

War on the Fruition of Ignorance Blog by Feeeeenix

Dav out
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On 9:46 pm , AlesS said...

I say, good luck. I used to fight ignorance. At great lengths. It was all mainly wasted effort. Or perhaps not: now I'm not molested by ignorant people as much anymore. But ignorance is still there.

On 8:04 pm , Ashiq said...

Ignorance is necessary in large population masses. Doesn't have to be educational ya know. Just divert the people's attention away from what the bloody gov't is doing with sports,whisky, movies, video games, pr0n and 500 channels. Otherwise the governments of the world would be in deep $h!t. . . . . .did I let the cat outa the bag??? Is Big Brother watching!?!?!?

On 12:11 am , Davin said...

Yes, and we have your address, please stand still as we strap you in a straightjacket ;D

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