Ugh trips...
Tuesday, March 23, 2004 | Author: Dav

Well I woke up today (after packing for my trip last night) and I cant say I got a good night's sleep. After breakfast and getting ready for work and whatnot, I was putting my socks on when I suddenly realized that I HAVEN'T PACKED MY PASSPORT!

Good going Dav, don't take your passport to Singapore, that will help.

Bleah. I run up to my room and get the passport.

I say goodbye to mom and dad, jump in the car and drive off. 1 minute later I am parked informs of my house.
I ironed 4 shirts the night before, and they were on hangers in my room, ready to be placed in the car so I wont have to iron when I get to JB/Singapore. Guess where they were when I left? YES, STILL IN MY ROOM!

STFU and go get them you say? Ok sure check.

I FINALLY get everything and now I'm at work. Please god don't let anything else go screwy

Dav out
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