Singapore Trip!
Tuesday, March 09, 2004 | Author: Dav

Yeah so I went down to Singapore for a meeting and it was cool. I drove down from Kuala Lumpur, took me about err.. say 4hours to get there. It was cool and all, but this time we actually got to go like deep into Singapore (the last few times it was just meetings then back to the office).

So here are some of the places we went by:

Science Park Drive

So yeah this was where the client was, nice place, very posh like, technology and all that. Cool to hang out in and work at. Bloody nice cars there too, Jags and what not. I want money :(

Suntec Tower 3


This is our virtual office. The office itself is on the Penthouse, if I remember right, it was on the 44'th floor. All I can say about this place is WOW!. LIKE WOW!
Every virtual office should be like this, pretty office people, nice place, free drinks and stuff. Very cool. The building itself has a small mall on the lower floors, and there preddy ladies all over the place. Er... non for yeah taken and all... yeah.. so... err... woot!

Esplanade - Theatre on the Bay
This building was right next to Suntec Tower and its way cooler in real life. The pictures DO NOT do justice to it. I am hoping to get a digital cam before I go down again to take pics of it, if I can.

Esplanade Site 1

Pic 1
Pic 2

Singapore Images

Pic of Singapore in general

Thats about it for now, more from me later

Dav out

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