Wednesday, January 01, 2014 | Author: Dav

Ok this thing works.

Happy 2014.

I think I started to slow down blogging mainly because of work, but also the way Blogspot balooned in size and functions (since Google got into the act) - I'm all for the advance features and font formatting but the old Blogspot had a sense of charm and ease that I cant seem to shake.

Dav out

This is where we fall
This is where we fall apart
We Fall
We tried to find home
So far and so wide
A distant moment crashes down
As our memories collide
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On 2:47 pm , AlesS said...

I second that. The ancient blogger (circa 2005 - oh I'm so old) was more spartan, but I see that as a virtue. Now there are so many features I'm sometimes quite lost. Just yesterday my sister created a google+ profile when all she wanted to do was just changing her gmail password. I wish google would forego with all the transitioning and install the one data publishing and reading stream to rule them all. You know, just out of the blue. Not this agonising transition while getting there.

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