Mouse found loafing around in bread factory
Tuesday, September 28, 2010 | Author: Dav

Thought I'd try a funny pun to the title. It is of course, in reference to this issue. Imagine finding that in your morning breakfast toast, or your evening munchies sammich!

What I find odd is that the interview has him saying he took extra care to check the slices of bread... AFTER he found that there was a mouse at the bottom of the loaf?

Also, who buy's bread online? Am I the only guy that finds that a little weird?


Our furry friend taking a long nap

Dav out
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On 4:22 pm , Calle said...

That's kind of really really gross...

And I must ask: Have you ever found anything gross in your food?

On 4:41 pm , Dav said...

So far I've been pretty lucky... or unlucky :) that I've not had any weird stuff in my food

On 5:20 pm , Calle said...

Aww, so no hairs or fun lil' maggots in your food then eh?
Guess you shouldn't complain, and neither should I. I've only found random hairs and kamikaze-flies, nothing to write home about. :/

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