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Tuesday, March 10, 2009 | Author: Dav

There's been a rise in cases of Kangaroo's attacking people recently in Australia. I'm sure someone will point out the correlation between humans trespassing on wildlife habitats and the other way around.

It got us (as in we, the people at work) to thinking of a news article where a man managed to fend off a kangaroo (I have no idea why I spelt the earlier kangaroo with a capital "K") by punching it in the family jewels.

The only true local animal we have to boast that's not available in any other country (well, not in a bottle, a pill or powder for health) would be the Malaysian Tapir. All phear the tapir!

[Edit: Too many people asked me what a Tapir was, so I've included a wiki link! Pwn!]

Now imagine junk-punching a tapir.

Dav out
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On 3:44 pm , Woodsy said...

the guy is lucky the kangaroo hit him back in the family jewles!

On 4:16 pm , Dav said...

Woodsy, you mean he's lucky the 'roo DIDN'T hit him back in the jewels :)

On 12:16 pm , Calle said...

OMG that is not a cute animal, the tapir one.
So if I ever stumble upon a wild kangaroo I should hit it in the gonads? What about female kangaroos? Are they invincible?

On 9:54 am , Dav said...

Female kangaroos are invincible

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