Look what I ate!
Friday, December 22, 2006 | Author: Dav

Well it was a weird day yesterday, but I had some frog at the Chinese restaurant. I wont go on and say that 'it tasted like chicken', mainly because it didn't. It was more of a prawn / shrimp taste with tender flesh.

Eh *shrug*

Dav out
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On 11:57 am , Davin said...

God I feel so French now

On 9:26 am , Alan said...

mm... frog!

On 12:26 am , Anonymous said...

Did you say it tastes like pr0n!?!?!?

On 12:31 am , Davin said...

You know, that thought never crossed my mind lol

On 1:37 pm , Anonymous said...

But now it has so imagine all the tangents it will take you to!

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